If extraterrestrial life exists, and that life has evolved to a level of intelligence similar to that of humanity, which would imply that it exhibits free will to the same extent that humans do, then what would Christian theology have to say about its redemption? Was God’s only begotten Son killed and resurrected on Earth that aliens might enjoy eternal life? Would such alien lifeforms still exist in an unfallen state of grace? Would they be guilty of original sin with no hope of redemption?

At the beginning of the Space Age, these and similar questions were seriously tackled by Catholic theologians. In 1999, Professor Allen Tough organized a conference for the Foundation for The Future in order to investigate the possible impact of contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence. The results of that conference are available for free online. Section V contains a fascinating paper entitled “Roman Catholic Views of Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

Meanwhile, the Hubble telescope has photographed a strange dust pattern, moving at 11,000 mph, which looks remarkably like a science-fiction spacecraft.

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