I came across the above poster at work today, which made me laugh.

Someone told me that he doesn’t hold oil companies to blame for the impact they have on the environment. He said the demand for oil is to blame: it isn’t the oil companies’ fault if they are merely meeting other people’s demand. This strikes me as an even worse excuse than “I was only following orders.” At least one could plausibly argue that obedience to orders could constitute a moral good, albeit probably not one that outweighs the wrong typically performed by people who have cause to use that excuse. But meeting a demand? Really?

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  1. I totally agree – this sounds exactly like the kind of justification that drug barons use.

  2. I love the fact that Schlumberger illustrate their lack of environmental impact with a photo of a massive clearing, roads, tankers, trucks and an enormous drill.

  3. Goddamn hippy. We need oil! – for important things like plastic bags and, uh, uh, petrol so we can go to our shitty pointless jobs making, uh, plastic bags, and uh, stuff.

    What are you, some kind of Communist?

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