New Philosophy

When you look around Britain or America today, around the whole world, and see the man-made disasters, the reckless drivers, drugged and drunken gangs of teenage thugs, rioting sports fans, the thefts and muggings and stabbings and shootings, the bitter divorces, the cruelty to or killing of small children, the rape and murder of young women, the lying and corruption of politicians, the bullying and stupidity of bureaucrats, the economic collapses, the worthless paper currencies, the suicide bombers, the incessant wars, the government-made famines – all the horrors and misery which the news media report so relentlessly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When you see all this, surely it takes no great effort of imagination to realise that what human beings urgently, desperately need is a new set of ideas about how to live, both for themselves individually and with one another in society.  In other words, they need a new philosophy….

— Nicholas Dykes, Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness, Lathé Biosas Publishing, July 2008 (excerpts online)

Do we desperately need another new set of ideas? I cannot help wondering if we would not be better off returning to an older set.

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  1. No, we definitely don’t need any more ‘new ideas’. I think the endless abundance of such things are probably what got us in such a mess in the first place.

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