I had a weird experience when I arrived back at my local tube station this evening. As I walked through the station I heard shouting and saw a crowd of people. I got closer and heard someone shouting for the police, then saw two men fighting. As far as I could tell, one of them had smashed a bottle on the other one and was now grabbing at his face. The other one was calling for help and asking someone to call the police. No-one was doing anything. The London Underground staff were just watching. I walked over to see what I could do but the attacker backed off before I got there and ran away somewhere. The other guy didn’t seem badly hurt, although his head was bleeding where he’d been hit, but he was very angry that no-one had helped him. He couldn’t believe that the staff had just watched and done nothing to stop the attacker. I missed the start of the fight so I can’t be sure what happened; but it did look to me as if the attacker was drunk and the victim wasn’t really fighting back, so I’m inclined to believe his story. I’m amazed that no-one did anything. They just stood in a circle and didn’t lift a finger to help the guy, even though he was crying out for help. I don’t really understand – surely if someone is under attack you do what you can to help him? It makes me kind of depressed to think that I live in a society in which nobody came to his aid.

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