ResolveMr Afagddu, one of my stalwart partners in crime, has written eloquently about the differences between oaths and resolutions. I have taken a Yule oath, and now I shall declare my New Year’s Resolutions. There is a theme…

  • Smoke more. My pipe was sadly neglected in November and December, only being lit a couple of times and then with rather old and dry tobacco. Happily, Afaggdu has provided me with some fantastic new tobacco which I sampled for the first time last night. Nothing is more relaxing and gently pleasurable than a pipe of fine tobacco. Over this coming year I will take more time to enjoy such slow pleasures.
  • Drink more. I would like to spend more time truly appreciating the drinks that I have until now swallowed unthinkingly. I intend to keep track of the beers, wines and other concoctions that I sample over the year and to spend some time investigating their origins. I would like to recognise different grapes, hops and fermentation processes. I think a deeper understanding of the ingredients and processes behind the creation of the liquid in my glass or tankard will lead to a more satisfying and pleasurable experience.
  • Eat more. I have always enjoyed cooking but it takes me a very long time. I can spend hours faffing in a kitchen to produce a single meal that I will eat in minutes. When I have time to spare, this is great, but when I am tired after work I often cannot be bothered to cook a proper meal and instead resort to instant noodles, pizza or similar. I resolve to put a bit more effort into cooking decent meals and to making sure that I have time to prepare them and enjoy them properly.
  • Spend less. I am terrible at managing my own money. Admittedly, after rent, bills and taxes, there isn’t much left each month anyway, but that should inspire me to greater feats of thriftiness rather than my current “sod it, I’ll worry about that later” approach, which is disappointingly ineffective. Most of my excessive spending is the result of laziness, poor planning or a desire for instant gratification. I ought to be able to do better than that.
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  1. That’s the spirit!

  2. I *love* your New Year’s resolutions and would be happy to help you indulge in them. May 2008 bring you great Fortune and Wealth, in whatever form you Need and Want. I will look forward to possibly seeing you in London later in the year and you are *always* welcome in Paris.All of my best Wishes my Friend,Chris

  3. Did you and Afagddu party it up like it was 793? ;-)

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