LindisfarneIt’s that time of year again. Specifically, the beginning. That which has contracted now begins to expand once more. That which has hidden away begins to show itself again.

I have been to Lindisfarne with my kith to party like it’s 793. Today I ate turkey and little pieces of chipolata wrapped in bacon with my kin.

I have decided to take up my pen again, although this time I am more literal in my meaning. I intend to write more letters this year – real ones, with pen and ink – and to eschew e-mail where possible. I will continue to use e-mail for those jobs at which it excels, such as the quick and easy organisation of meetings or the rapid sharing of raw information, but where before I might have sat down at my computer to write a long and thoughtful e-mail, this year I will instead sit at my desk with paper and a fountain pen. I hope my correspondents appreciate the change and are not too horrified by my handwriting.

Similarly, I intend to write letters to newspapers and magazines in the place of writing blog articles. I don’t know whether this will increase or decrease my readership (a rather irrelevant question since this blog has been dead for three months) but I am looking forward to becoming “Disgruntled of Middlesex”.

Nevertheless, after pondering some of the words spoken in Lindisfarne this last weekend, I think I might continue this blog as well. My experiment with shared blogs did not bear much fruit and I think having my own place to rant might be good for my health.

So, I wish you all a happy Yule and a bountiful New Year. Don’t forget to remind Christians of their sacred duty to celebrate the birth of Santa.

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