Battle Flag of the US ConfederacySecession is a topic that fascinates me, bound up as it is with the ideals of liberty and identity. Usually I find myself researching the American Civil War but it is increasingly likely that I will be able to observe a contemporary secession on my own continent. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been all over the front pages of the newspapers and the headline slots on BBC News 24: it appears that Belgium is falling apart. There is a very real possibility that Flanders will secede, ending the bizarre Franco-Flemish union and, amusingly, leaving Brussels outside the EU. Well, maybe it won’t go that far, but it’s fun to watch nevertheless. Here are some links:

Samizdata – The interesting example of Belgium

Little Man, What Now? – The European Secession Problem – How Belgium Broke Brussels

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Run Away!

My desire to emigrate grows stronger every day.

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