Geoffrey Sampson

The Language Instinct DebateGeoffrey Sampson is the Professor of Natural Language Computing at the University of Sussex. I have had his fascinating article introducing Proto-Indo-European (“Say something in Proto-Indo-European”) bookmarked for some time now but I have only recently bothered to have a look at the rest of his website. There are some great articles there, including “How the British Government classed me as a dissident”, which is amusing but rather depressing in what it reveals about Britain today.

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  1. Thanks for these links. Sampsons is obviously an intelligent man. Today such people are of course labeled as dissidents by our idiotic governments and multicult fascists. Indigenous Europeans are indeed becoming an endangered species; it is high time to relearn to ‘put our own people first’, and not apologize it. But it seems to be too much asked at the moment.

  2. Good stuff. For another, earlier parallel of one who suffered a similar fate to Sampson, and who expresses similar concerns to his some thirty years ago, I recommend this article.

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