HagalazRather than writing a whole new post, over the last few days I have been commenting on existing posts. There have been a few comments on my last two posts and, perhaps more interestingly, some on one of Ensio Kataja’s posts too.

I am finishing the job in the countryside that I have been doing all summer and moving back to the city, so I probably will not write an extensive post this week. But here is a thought that has been waiting for a public outlet:

Microcosmically, I am often motivated by fear of loss of control. However, that part of me that has control in such circumstances is not actually governed by my Self. Rather, it is a reactive machine. So my fear of loss of control leads to the perpetuation of a situation in which I do not, in fact, have control. Macrocosmically, the same applies. We in the modern West fear anything that threatens our individual freedom. However, by pretending we are isolated units we restrict ourselves. Our disconnection from culture and tradition leaves us vulnerable and impotent. Choice is the great virtue of the modern world. We are free to choose whichever option we want, without fear of coercion or punishment. But, when we come to choose, we discover that there aren’t actually any options left to choose between. (Or, rather, some of us do – the rest don’t notice that they haven’t chosen.)

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  1. Years ago I realized that at least in the Initiatory sense, Need is the only “choice”. In daily life, we often tend to cover (or “forget” as a certain Finnish friend of mine would say) our most sublime, innermost Needs and give preference to all kind of pseudo-needs.You publish stimulating thoughts here, but this seems to be the norm what comes to Cold Hut’s contents.:RtR:

  2. You hit the nail on its head! (Hehe, Dutch expression). Nice thoughts, nothing to add to it.

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